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  1. The file is not invalid. I just successfully downloaded it from MediaFire. Ok, the reason is the limited floppy size of 1,4 MB.You should integrate the driver into the OS CD. That is always the better choice. Thanks, after all the effort I finally made it running with your file. Thanks again. You've done great job, it took me about 10 hours to make it work, but thanks to you at least it do now. Thanks again, have a nice day!
  2. I cant download your file:Invalid File. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire's development team. Can you please reupload it? I didnt exactly 'integrate' , i used external floppy to add drivers during installation by pressing F6. And in folder SATA_IDE/FLOPPY there are 2 folders - disk1 and disk2
  3. problem is, i can't flash bios (and my version doesn't support that), it's not my laptop and I don't want to risk someone else property... I had exactly the problem mentioned in your post, but I figured out by installing SATA_IDE /floppy both disk1 and disk2 (through external floppy). Then it worked, so I went through whole instalation (without doing that I couldn't even start installing because I'd get BSOD [screenshot]) So now im after installation, but everytime like 1second after the Windows Laoding screen appear my pc throw up BSOD and reset immidiatly (like half second after) I downloaded chipset drivers from here MSI official web (as they are for my laptop, xp of course). Thanks for help so far. EDIT: The BSOD says: STOP 0x0000007B (0xBACCF524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
  4. I had problem with RAID drivers and I had to load them by pressing F6 and through loopy, that's same as if I'd add them through N-lite. Same windows instalation worked on my normal pc but somehow doesn't work at laptop. I had to load those RAID drivers so I could install windows but now they reboot. I think its "The OS installation fails at last reboot with a short BSOD and endless reboots." error. But I cant do anything with hardware. Or am I totaly wrong ? Thanks again for help.
  5. Hello, I didn't read anything but I am desperate. I've been trying to fix this problem ever since (I've been installing Windows XP to SATA Hardisk). I think I am stuck in infinite look of laptop restarting. I installed windows with drivers so it didn't put blue screen of death, windows installed fine, then restarted, and now whenever there's loading screen with microsoft logo i get a quick blue screen and my laptop restarts. I can't touch hardware as that would void the warranty. Can you help me please ? Thanks Notebook: MSI VR630X