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  1. HI everyone.. first I want to thank the person that come up with this fix.. don't understand why SeaGate don't mass produce this sort of cabel and send it to everyone that have this problem.. its there obligation..!! =P I want to thank all the person that have wrote all the guides that is on the NET.. **** Visualize.. you can't us a usb-usb cabel, what I know.. what you need is a USB-to-TTL kabel.. I strongly recommend this cabel.. I used this cabel and it work perfectly.. and you don't have to trix with 3.3V and all that.. all you need to do is carefully take out the orange, yellow, and black cabel from the socket.. and then isolate them so that they don't touch each other and do a short-cut.. here is a pdf whit all the documentation and where to get the drivers.. here is a picture how my cabel looks like..