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  1. thankyou this'll help me a lot. one question : how will i know if the setup dont hav ne switches - i suspect itll give an error ? (or is that all setups hav switches ?)
  2. i make this same mistake time and again...i hafto stop this now . thanx to -X- not removing help engine helped. and also i will try placing HHCTRL.OCX in keep box n if it works ill report here. thank you all guys for your time n support.
  3. im unsure how to use the switches or how to make silent installers... where shud i look for more info..
  4. 1)this is how google talk chat windows look !!!! 2)i play warcraft online through garenaclient and when i enter room i get strange popups. 3) i cant customize notifications -- "hide inactive icons in right hand bottom of screen" 4)Also i added themes in hotfixes which dint show up here's my last session : LAST_SESSION.INI cant figure out.
  5. im back , with anoder silly problem. need lil help for my nlite'in here's the problem : here the lastsession: LAST_SESSION.INI cant figure where im doin the mistake of excluding the HHCTRL.OCX file from the setup/procedure. id also like to know if there is ne "not to remove" guide for heavy cablenet/lan users. also feel free to advice me im all ears.thank you.
  6. i own a valid Xp cd n key.but my xp cd is in bad state. so i use key on other downloaded warez xp thnx for helping me out guys. ill go back to some more xperimenting now.cya later.
  7. i nlited an Xp wit already integrated Sp3. i dont know if that counts as fresh i also dunno how authentic my source is. plus now i think the problem occurs from a virus n not from nlite ing , bcuz i nlited a new version from my same source n installed it on my frens pc. it was all good untill a virus broke out in the system n den the problem mayb some programme i used.apparently my antivirus let me down :X. apart from that i had some querry after i intigrate drivers some popups arise askin to chose 'pnp mode' or 'text mode' drivers. does it matter which one i choose ? plus im unsure how to add executable files (of programmes) into the cd so tht i dont need to install those programmes manually after xp installation is complete. thnx for helping me so much .
  8. omg yes !!! ... tell me how long i have
  9. k , so much thnx for your time. dotnetfx3.exe is .NET FRAMEWORK drivers are uptodate but ill chk once again.thnx
  10. Thnx John n also thnx to spoiledbrat for ur polite warning here's my lastsession.ini (i saved it as .txt) :Last_Session.txt
  11. ive nlited an xp sp3 n installed it in my pc.but i get this sound problem: if i play songs/vids immediately after booting i hav no problem.but if i close my media player(i use only vlc player) n then later play songs/vids i do not get sound from the media !! but video plays ok. so i havto start my media player after booting xp n not close it ever so as to b able to listen to sound. this is wht i get when i click 'volume control' from notification area: ive put all my drivers n created my Nlited xp but actually i hav no idea what items ive excluded by Nlite ing .... so lil help is needed n will b apreciated. ty.
  12. Hii ppl im totally hooked onto Nlite since i first found out about it. i always thought microsoft gave us xtra garbage with xp that ill never need i my life. Nlite gave me freedom from that . Thnx Nlite. but im havin starters problem need lil help.ty.