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  1. Hey folks, First time poster here... looks like a great community! I'm having an issue with the Apache URL Rewriter module. The web app that I'm building needs URLs to be converted from this format: /My.Class?Arg1=x&Arg2=y To this format: /index.php?Class=My.Class&Arg1=x&Arg2=y My rewrite rule looks like this: RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?Class=$1 [QSA] Now the odd part is, this actually works... but my PHP script ends up receiving two copies of the 'Class' argument. I had my PHP script print out the exact query string for analysis: /index.php?Class=index.php&Class=My.Class&Arg1=x&Arg2=y I'm absolutely baffled as to why the rewrite engine is appending another Class argument on to the URL... and why in the world it's equal to 'index.php'. All I can think is that maybe I misunderstood the functionality of QSA. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!