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  1. Thank you Fernando1 - I will try that when I can get access to the laptop again.
  2. While rebooting you should choose the advanced F8 option "Don't reboot at systeme failure". This way you will get the BSOD error message, which may help us to find the issue. Question: Which Intel Controllers did you enable while integrating the 32bit Intel textmode driver? The only problem is that the BIOS seem to be locked somehow, can't do much else than viewing some details about the system + change the boot-order. No way it will let me change anything else......... I enable them all to be honest, maybe a mistake I don't know. The controller used is the ICH9M in that laptop. Thanks for looking into it for me, much appreciated.
  3. Fernando1. Found my way in here through some extensive searching for a solution to be allowed to "degrade" from Vista to XP on my daughters new Compaq CQ70-135EO. Your excellent guide helped med through the process and right now it's installing. Thanks a lot for doing this guide, for a guy like me, it's worth gold! I actually registered in here only to be able to thank you, but having browsed through some other topics, I think I'll stay active :-) And an edit some hours later Windows XP installs fine, but when rebooting at the end of install, a BSOD flashes by so fast I can't even read what it says and then the laptop goes into "safe mode" boot options. Regardless of what I choose, same thing happens again over and over......... I honestly don't know what to look for now, hoping someone out there can help me further. Otherwise it's back to find those backup-DVD's I fortunately made when the laptop was new some weeks ago. Thanks in advance