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  1. custom LCDs.....

    hey y'all i recently saw ppl selling just LCDs, with no housing on ebay, stating "BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM LCD!" i wanted to see if any1 here has done that and if they can give a lil info about their experience. can someone who has enough knowledge to assemble a custom computer from parts handle it? what should someone look out for if they decide to build their own lcd? pros/cons? thnx
  2. SBC Issues

    The supermarket for which I work part-time IT uses SBC DSL for credit card transactions. The connection is on a main server and all the registers access the charge software over the network. The store is located in Glendale, CA. Recently (past 2 weeks) the internet has been going down every single day at around 6pm to 8 pm. Most of the time, cold boots of the server, router, and modem dont help. A call to SBC usually ends up with them telling us we cant detect anything wrong with the line. The issue basically solves itselft after about 45 minutes of downtime. Any other SBC customers having the same problems? And if you are, please state your location. Thnx
  3. Longhorn screenshots

    nevermind, found the posts on the bottom for the screenshots.
  4. Longhorn screenshots

    Does anyone know if there are official Longhorn screenshots out by Micro$oft? I was wonder if the GUI looks any different, since theyve been bragging on how "NEW" and "DIFFERENT" its going to be...
  5. total annihilation

    Hey, Yah ive heard of it.in fact i was a big fan of the game when it first came out, but i couldnt convince my parents to buy it for me. now that i have cable, i downloaded the iso off of shareaza, a while ago, played both games to the end, and now retired the game to the bottom of my nevere nding, always growing cd stack. on your opinion of that it is the best rts games, i will have to disagree with you, its a very good game, fun to play, cool concept, but there are plenty of rts games better than it. the age of empires 2 series for example, is superior in my opinion.
  6. EXE Files Don't Run From Explorer or Desktop

    Hey, thanks everyone for your help. The EXE registry file association fix, that LiquidSage provided the link for, did the trick. Again, thanks guys for all your help. BTW...Phyridean where would you add the "shutdown -a" command? I mean I had absolutely no time to do anything about it because the computer would restart even before 50% of my systray was loaded...
  7. EXE Files Don't Run From Explorer or Desktop

    Weird. In my case, all the exe's run if you use the Run prompt from the start menu. Its just that from any windows screen, double-clicking on any exe-leading icon will not run the program. For example, double-clicking on the shortcut leading to Notepad on my Desktop, OR going to \Windows\ and double-clicking Notepad.exe will NOT RUN Notepad. But if I type in "C:\Windows\Notepad.exe" into the Run prompt in the Start Menu it WILL run. One more thing...If you right click on the exe's in windows explorer to drop-down the alternate menu, you will not see an Open option. Everything else is there, My anti-virus and zip program options, other windows options, etc. But Open is not there. Just thought you might want to know.
  8. EXE Files Don't Run From Explorer or Desktop

    Which fix was it that you used? I wonder if itll help me. About viruses... For me, they always show up out of nowhere, and at times when I am heavily dependent onmy computer. Like last week on my XP machine at home, I got the Backdoor.Afcore.BN Trojan. I couldnt get rid of it, since it kept on restarting my rig. It was running out of a dll in the System32 directory. After a couple of days of pulling my hair out, I ran the XP setup cd, entered the Repair Mode prompt and deleted the file. I was so glad. Just thought i can gloat about it here...
  9. EXE Files Don't Run From Explorer or Desktop

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely check that tomorrow. It makes sense though, because I had a huge Sasser worm infection on my hands about 2 months ago. I managed to smart my way around it, got rid of it, and kept updating virus defs constantly. Ive been getting no sight of viruses since then, plus I keep Ad-aware updated too. I hope its not a hibernating sasser somewhere. Thanks for the help again.
  10. About a week ago I realized that .exe files on my Windows 2000 workstation, whether through a shortcut, the start menu, or directly from a folder, dont run if I was in any Windows Explorer screen. The only things that worked were folders, other files (i.e. - txts, docs, jpgs) and the Internet Explorer icon, which is wierd because IE is an exe. The only way they work right now is through Run in the start menu. I tried repairing the windows installation to no avail. Im sure I have no virues. I know a clean install will fix it, but i dont want to do that. What do you think the problem is?