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  1. You keep asking for a PCI-E motherboard "with 98 drivers"... what exactly do you hope to accomplish here? There are no "drivers" for motherboard chipsets other than a simple set of INF text files as I have already stated before. I have provided an unofficial set of these for later Intel chipset-based systems by taking the 2K/XP INF files and converting them to the expected 9x format using the 865/875 INF's as a guide. You will not find "drivers" for a motherboard other than this, and the system does not even NEED them anyway. Now, as for onboard devices, you can forget a SATA driver for any "modern" board unless you want to buy rloew's patch, but we've been through that before as well. You can also forget any driver for HD Audio (unless rloew and I have a breakthrough on this front which has not been promising so far - but if you won't buy the SATA patch then you probably won't buy a HD Audio driver package either if we ever get there so why mention it...). LAN is simple - look for a board using a Realtek LAN chip and then check it against the last Realtek driver package for 98SE. USB(2) is already covered by NUSB. USB(3) is out same as HD Audio, once again unless there is a breakthrough orchestrated by rloew. Now to go back to your main issue - I have yet to see any issues with using PCI-E graphics cards under 98SE other than the issue at 512MB that has been previously discussed. No doubt problems can occur in some hardware configurations but I would say the systems exhibiting "problems" are the exceptions not the rule.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised. One of the patches for WarCraft III broke my Windows 9x installation of it several years ago. (I think it was 22b? I'd have to check.) Needless to say Blizzard support was useless on the issue at the time. I never got around to examining it further. I seem to never have time to spend playing my old games anymore. I've had a "new" 9x gaming system under construction for years now that never gets finished either. I planned to dig into the issue further when I set up all of the games again on the new system. Now I know I'll have to watch out for D2 patches (later than the 1.12 that's on my old systems) as well (I've never really liked D2, I LOVE D1, but a friend of mine likes to play D2.)
  3. Ok fine then, so the 7950GT is the highest numbered model fully working under Windows 9x. I don't have a 7900GTX to compare. I do have a 7800GTX somewhere...
  4. Best fully working graphics card is the 7950GT. PCI-E version works fine. 256MB version + NVidia 82.69 driver + rloew's NVidia Shutdown patch (free) should work without any other modifications. If you want to use a 512MB version of the card you will need rloew's NVidia size patch (not free) as well. The 7950GX2 works but only one card is initialized by the driver so it behaves like a 7950GT. Currently there is no working HD Audio driver of any kind for Windows 9x. We are working on trying to fix this but no success as of yet.
  5. Unfortunately I've not tried to use GCDROM in the same hardware configuration as yours. It should still work provided that the card is initialized by the BIOS and so forth before your boot CD runs. Post the contents of your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS and maybe others can help...
  6. First you will need to find a program that can extract the Boot image of the CD that you want to model this on, I assume the standard Windows 98SE CDROM. Then you will need to modify that boot image by adding GCDROM.SYS in the same manner as OAKCDROM.SYS. You can use both of them together that way if OAKCDROM.SYS doesn't work on your target system then GCDROM.SYS will kick in. Then you use this modified Boot image on your new CD. There are many more in-depth ways of doing this including switching to other bootloaders and so forth but I believe the way I described is the simplest solution. Sorry for the lack of detail at the moment. It's been a while since I did this operation myself.
  7. There is probably a way, but I don't know how unfortunately.
  8. Not really, it's pretty much shooting in the dark to guess where it might be embedded... you could always try searching logical strings in the Registry Editor. For example "ie6" "internet explorer" etc. and see if you hit on any keys or values that contain data for IE6.
  9. It works for me. You must have some leftover(s) from IE6 somewhere in the Registry that's preventing it from running. It even shows up the KB number after SP2 on the "About Internet Explorer" dialog. Never take MS Security Bulletins or KB articles from the 9x-era at face value. They have a nasty habit of reverse-editing them to leave out information and/or fixes for 9x and in some cases give misleading or completely false information. If you parse through the article, note that they forgot to remove a section for Windows ME... Good point here, I haven't tested this but I read about it before and forgot it.
  10. SP2 is probably a big step in the right direction, but a quick Google search for "cumulative update for internet explorer 5.5" yielded this Security Bulletin with at least one Cumulative Update. The link of course produces Microsoft's "smarterror" trash that should more aptly be named "stupiderrorbecauseyoumustupgrade". The Wayback Machine yields the page, this shot circa 2008, but the Download button doesn't work. But it does yield the KB number and file name, so one must use these to track down the right copy of the file for the right OS and right IE version. EDIT: Got the file here by pulling the download address out of the page source code from the Wayback Machine.
  11. What type of speakers are you using? Do they have their own power supply or do they draw all power directly from the Audio jack? Speakers that draw only from the Audio jack are frequently garbage and the volume is barely audible. I always opt for speakers with their own power supply, but I believe some special models were made by Compaq and others with a larger/more powerful Audio jack for higher power, and some speakers have a USB connector for extra power as well.
  12. Here's the full package: http://browsers.evolt.org/archive/ie/win32/5.5-sp2/ie55sp2.exe I'm not certain offhand about the updates. Definitely check the Update Catalog. It may be worthwhile to check for updates to Windows 2000 as well since it shipped with IE5 and there may be more updates listed this way. Some of the Windows 2000-devoted sites may also have archived these. If you can at least get hold of the file names of the updates it is usually possible to find the file somewhere out there.
  13. Theoretically KernelEx could be made to work on 95 OSR2 but it would require a "bridge" expansion that would handle functions present in 98 that are not present in 95, and despite the prevailing attitude that "98 is just a patched up copy 95" there are very significant differences between the two and this would be a lot of work. 95 unfortunately doesn't have even the userbase that 98 does now so there's not enough interest. I believe I'm the only "active" 95 user around these days, and even before that 95 did not enjoy nearly as much attention here as 98 and ME did.
  14. Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 seems to be a better choice for Windows 9x now than IE6SP1. I don't think 5.5 suffers from some of these issues. As you suspect some sites purposely block IE6 and I am not aware of any ways to circumvent this problem. At this point there's no real advantage to using 6 over 5.5, and if you really want most sites to even halfway function you will need Firefox 3.5 or later anyway. I have no experience with Opera.
  15. Since you asked, I do not use or like the Unofficial Service Pack (or any other 98SE "update packs" for that matter other than NUSB). Any such creation almost inevitably ends up being a product of the author's tastes and desires (and there is nothing wrong with that, any project maintainer has the right to take his or her project in any way they so desire) rather than a bare-bones, strictly updates only package. Other choices were made during it's development that I disagree with, but if you really want to learn more I suggest you read the U98SESP3 thread in its entirety. Why are you trying to load a DOS CDROM Driver/File System Interpreter in the 98SE CONFIG.SYS anyway? Are you planning to boot into pure DOS for some reason where you would need CDROM access before Windows loads? You also never answered my question about your Optical drive. You should verify physically that it is capable of reading DVD's. Even though I don't like the Unofficial Service Pack I still highly doubt that it is the cause of your problems. If your drive is DVD-capable, then reinstall without the USP as instructed. If your problem goes away, then you have your answer. If not, I would say you have some faulty hardware.