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  1. Guys, read over all the posts and I have one simple question; if one has the busy lock up error, will the HDD still spin when first applied power to it? I have a Maxtor OneTouch 4 1 TB external drive, which we all know is actually a Barracuda 7200.11 1TB. It is ST31000340AS, firmware version SD35. Said drive unfortunately took a "little" 8" fall off the bottom portion of the couch I was sitting on (onto a carpeted floor) while watching a movie off of it. Windows Media Player immediately stopped, saying there was a problem. I look down and the drive is dead, and I mean DEAD. No light, no power, no anything. I split the case open this morning to get the actual drive out to see if its just the PCB for the external case. It wasn't. I plugged it in to my tower using the tower's SATA cable and power cable, turn the tower on and NOTHING. Drive doesn't make a sound (drive is not spinning), BIOS doesn't know it exists. Could this still be the busy lock up error, or worse? Any info would be very appreciated.