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  1. Here's another successful story on fixing the BSY error. There's nothing new here, it's all been posted before... Hard drive: ST3500320AS Firmware: SD15 OS: Windows 7 RC1 I've used FTDI TTL-232R USB Cable (the one with 5V outputs) and connected it to the hard drive using modified cd audio cable. I've carefully removed the plastic from cable connector and exposed the metallic parts which can fit the tiny pins on the hard drive. (post #681 has instructions on how to connect the cable). HDD power was taken from sata power cable, connected to the same PC as the FTDI cable. As there's no HyperTerminal on Win7, I've used trial version of HyperTerminal Private Edition 7.0, which works exactly the same. To fix the error, I've used the instructions from post #684. At first I did not do the unnecessary part, but after the "m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22" command nothing happened for 30 minutes. I could not wait any longer, so i've removed sata power from hard drive, connected it again and redone the whole procedure, this time with the "unnecessary" part (check the post mentioned above). So, after connecting hdd back to the pc, booting up, everything works and the data is intact. Thanks to all you guys for figuring this all out!