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  1. Hi guys, i have one more question.. after fixing a ST3500320AS SD15 following your instruction, I have now an ST3500820 SD25. The drive it is recognized by bios, with correct size. So, it have not either the BSY or 0 Gb problems. But.. the system can't recognize the NTFS partition, even with data recovery software is possible to acces the data. Do you think tha the BSY or 0Gb method, would work with this problem? The drive seems to work fine, no strange noise. Even XP, connecting the drive via USB, start to read the partition, but then it stop. Thanks to everyone will help me
  2. Well.. i meant recreate the problem with the TTL interface and the terminal.. Not to do the 320 or 640 or whaterver poweron cycles..
  3. Hi Guys, Following your instructions , i've fixed my ST3500230AS drive froma BSY error... Thanks to everyone! Now.. i have a question.. it may look a rare question but.. Is it possible to "recreate" the BSY error on this drive as i first found it? Don't ask me why lol.. but i want to recreate the firmware error. Thanks to everyone