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  1. Success story! I was able to recover my drive (though on the second boot after I revived it, it did it AGAIN and I had to recover a second time). I have a question, however, what is the stability like on these drives after they have been recovered? Is it even more prone to happen (as I may have experienced)? I'm wondering because I now have another drive, but would prefer not to have to reinstall everything...
  2. Hey, sorry guys, but I'm a bit of a newb with all the wiring business... After I purchase a CA-42 cable, what materials or how would I need to modify it to be able to plug it into the SATA drive? I can see that I'd basically need to chop off the cable and use the USB end, but how would I need to modify the wires to plug them into the GND/RX/TX? Is any soldering required for this part?