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  1. Guys, Please help me out here. I feel I am very close to a solution but can not figure out the problem I am facing. I got my hands on a CA-42 cable but turned out to be a faulty cable. Then I got hold of a DKU-5 cable and added a 3V battery to it. Once I power up the drive I keep on receiving garbage characters on screen (TX/RX correctly connected). if I type anything I get to see the typed characters as well through the garbage. I tried removing the battery: I get less garbage but I do not get anything on screen when I type. I tried swapping TX/RX. I get garbage. No typing feedback. any ideas? Plz help.
  2. Guys, I got a CA-42 cable with its drivers for Windows XP. But I am not getting the PC to identify the cable and add the drivers. so nothing is showing up in my device manager. When I plug the USB in the PC, should it be detected automatically? or should I have a Nokia phone at the other end? Wouldn't it detect the cable when the other end is NOT connected to anything? Please help. I need my 500gb back asap. Kazamaza