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  1. Thank you, Fernando. I'll stick to AHCI then. By the way, how to ensure that my textmode drivers are running after the OS installation? How to know that NCQ is activated? Does NCQ really boost my HD performance? How's your experience with NCQ on?
  2. Is your RAIDed hdd detected by the BIOS? > Yes. Using it for booting in IDE mode Has it been set to be bootable? > Yes. But I'm supposed to set the priority to CD to boot from XP disc, right? Did you set the RAID into the first position at the BIOS option "HARD DISK BOOT PRIORITY"? > Not sure. Have to check on this one. Does it matter? I could set it later when the installation is finished, right? What exactly have you done with nLite? Which Intel SATA Controllers did you enable? > I integrate drivers found within, the Intel® ICH9R/DO/DH SATA AHCI Controller. It doesn't show Intel® ICH9R/DO/DH SATA RAID Controller. Does it matter? I even integrate, the "all" folder and the version is And also the JMicron drivers version R1.17.47WHQL_eSATA.
  3. Thanks, bro. I guess the boot priority changed when SATA mode changed. You're right! Read somewhere that RAID is better than AHCI because if later you're installing additional SATA drive, than I don't have to reinstall OS. What do you think? You're one hell of a help, bro:)
  4. Got the image burned, RAID enabled in BIOS... my SATA drive is not detected! This doesn't happen when I choose AHCI. I'm sure I've followed everything correctly according to your first post. I even installed the zip format drivers plus the JMicron's. Any idea on this?
  5. Thanks, Fernando. But I did ruin the MBR so that I had to fix it using my XP disc with the fixmbr command or the other one I don't remember. The fixboot command I think. More questions... what to expect when RAID is active? I heard I'd get more from RAID than AHCI. Is that right? If I'm not changing anything, I mean the drives and cables are gonna be as it is now, is there gonna be a difference except the enhanced features of AHCI? Now I'm using c: as windows, d: as games on the SATA drive, and e: as my documents on the PATA drive. Could I use the exact same partition config?
  6. Hi All, I'm currently running a SATA drive in IDE mode on ICH9R and a PATA drive on JMicron also in IDE mode. I tried enabling AHCI mode in the BIOS, tried to boot my Windows XP and got my MBR destroyed. Later I know that I couldn't enable the AHCI or RAID mode with XP already installed. My question is... would enabling AHCI or RAID mode destroy my partitions other than the boot one? Is it gonna destroy the partition on my PATA drive? Planning to reinstall XP with textmode drivers integrated. Thanks.