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  1. Fernando, Thanks for the reply! 1. I am attempting to install Server 2008; it is not already installed. The issue arises when the install routine attempts to find a suitable drive to install to. As I said, when I try the ICH9R drivers the array is still not seen in SP2 ... only R2 sees it. 2. See #1. No, the array is not seen by SP2, but is seen by R2. 3. Since the OS is not yet installed, I am not sure what you are saying/asking. I used the on-board Intel Matrix RAID to create the array. The other on-board RAID (SLI) can't be used because it won't so RAID 5 on the S3200SH board. I don't believe the RAID WEB console has the drivers for this issue. It is for viewing the array once installed if I am not mistaken. I have visited all of the Intel support pages many times and have spoken to T/S directly (they are useless). The BIOS is current. I am absolutely stuck on this one. If 2008 SP2 has native support, why doesn't the array show up? Why does it show with R2? I am using our Technet copies of S2008 and I am sure they are as complete as the retail stuff..... if not more so. Any and all help is appreciated. Charlie
  2. Fernando, I hope you can help me. I thought your post was great. I am trying to install Server 2008 SP2 Enterprise Core X64 on an Intel S3200SH server board. I have set up a RAID 5 array (6TB in size) using the Matrix storage solution integrated onto the board (ctrl-I) and 5 SATA drives. The board has an ICH9R RAID chip. The array has two partitions. When I load the installer it does not see the array and asks for a driver. I downloaded the correct driver from Intel (;submit=Go%21). The installer identifies the driver required (ICH9R RAID SATA) and loads the driver. When done the installer still doesn't show the array. I contacted Intel and was told that this board and ICH9R is supported natively in Server 2008 SP2 X64. If that is so, I have no idea why my array isn't being seen. I tried using Server 2008 R2 (RC) X64and it worked perfectly without any drivers at all. Saw the array immediately. Obviously I don't want to use R2 since it is only at RC. I have tried many different versions of 2008 server and every driver I could get my hands on, all with the same results. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? IS there a way to get the driver I need off the R2 X64 DVD as a last resort? Thanks for the help.... Charlie