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  1. Good morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening I am trying to create a single Ghost image for a fleet of laptops, and right now I am having trouble finding a way to include all the drivers for each laptop model. I have tried following several guides for installing drivers, but with no success. possibly because I am missing some critical step... or maybe because I'm being a dummy and missing the obvious. If someone could provide a simple step by step guide for the easiest way to create this single image it would be appreciated. Laptop Models to be included: HP Compaq nx6120 HP Compaq 2510p Dell Inspiron 9300 Dell Inspiron 9400 ACER TravelMate 4202 AWLMi OS: XP Pro Any help would be greatly appreciated, as would a step by step dummies guide for how to create new driver packs for any Laptops models in the future.