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  1. Hi people! when I going to try recover my HDD from 0 LBA error, should I power hard rive from separate PSU? Or just connecting TX/RX/GND is enough?
  2. .................. Gradius Thank you Gradius! But I have important question - should HDD be powered when recovering from 0 LBA error? Because on your picture it is no powered!!!
  3. How to test assembled MAX232 kit to be sure I didn't ruin HDD ? I going to have this one:
  4. My Seagate 1.5T died yesterday... looks like this is LBA 0 problem. Just ordered MAX232 kit, and TORK scredrivers... One to say one word - Seagate a big fat liar, coz they claim that CCxx not affected! It is F-King affected big times I have CC1H and there is no software update for this one..... I have also 1Tb with SD15 and 750Mb with SD15 as well counting days till those two die.... Should I re flash them ASAP or wait till I got my MAX232 kit operational just in case s-it happened? And the main question - will I be able to get my partition back when happens that I make it detectable properly in BIOS and Windows???