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  1. I will be honest, I have not read all 70+ pages... but I did read several pages and cannot determine if my drive is one that can be fixed with the tutorial. Here is my story.... Seagate 1.5tb with CC1H firmware(5 days old). It starts to spin up makes 3 deep clicks and then powers down. What is weird is that it is not spinning and Vista and XP still recognize that something is connected. They do not see the correct model though... they see it as ST_M13FQBL (an uninitialized 3.86gb drive!) Is there any chance that this would fall under the firmware fix? The data is "semi" important, so I would be willing to try it. Also, being that it is a new drive, is there any chance swapping the greenboard could fix? I hope that these haven't been answered several times already and I become the guy who didn't read first! Thanks for your time.