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  1. Hi Wimb i hav tried insatlling XP SP2 with my flash drive using USB MULTIBOOT with the menthod u hav shown in ur tutorial (http://www.msfn.org/board/install-XP-USB-t111406.html&st=6).. Bt i m getting a problem.. i Product Key which i m inputting while the details are asked for input & when my laptop is formating, it copies all the file, & whn come to install XP SP2, it ask the Product Key & i entered the same which i did when creating Flash Drive bootable ready, its nt accepting the Product Key. It says "The Product Id you entered is not valid" Pls help vat to do ... ??? you cn mail me back at rajatresponsible@gmail.com.. lot of thanx in advance.. Rajat Jain.