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  1. ok so it's been 8:30 hours and still no completion message. Any safe course of action at this point? The only thing I can think of is disconnecting via hyperterminal and reconnect. Welp I tried it and it seems to be stuck in whatever state after i initiated the m0,2.... command. Damnit. For those that care and may encounter the same problem, I ended up searching this thread one more time and it turns out someone had the same problem as me. The solution: I powered down and started the process over again. It worked.
  2. dude im pretty sure it says that if you turn the drive off at that stage then you land up with a brick, and there is no going back! keep the power on, and I would start from the beginning. What happens if you hit Contolr-Z ? I would just start again, and include the "optional" bit cheers I can't do Ctrl+Z or anything, it is just sitting there. I guess I'll just leave it on, it is 1:30AM in my area right now, I'll check back when I wake up to see if anything can be done (I hope so!).
  3. Hey folks, nice work here. Myself, I completed each step but now when i did the m0,2,2,,,,,22 command, it has sat here for more then 20 minutes with no confirmation of completion. Anyway to cancel it and try again or should I just shut off the drive and try again?