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  1. Darkshadow, Tell us if you want some help from us?Have u got any solution for 64 bit machine.
  2. Q:3What is the MD5 Checksum for the file? (You can Google for free tools that provide this.) => "E8AF021B2B60BF3E98B2846D4863738A" muweb.dll for the 64 bit machine. For 64bit machine msbuild.exe is working but muweb.dll file is not stored in the preferd location. For any further information you can email us at follwoing email ids:- 1) 2)
  3. What About the 64bit Edition machine? here the muweb.dll is stored in other location...Can I get a code of the MSBuilder.exe so that I can customize it according to it.
  4. what about 64 bit machine,because mumweb.dll is store in other location.And what will happen if the version changes of microsoft update .