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  1. On specific topics: Not all cables are used for mobile phones Some carry a chip on the same cable: IDEAL "Hardware Found". Others have the chip in the mobile phone is a simple USB cable. Nokia cable perfect for this case does not need extra power, making the USB port.
  2. Hi again. I note that after the initial impact still appear defective hard disk. I successfully solved the problem with the help of this website. I am indebted. I'm making some guides as a summary of the most important texts, and other awards. All this in a visual way to help with whatever you can to those responsible for this forum specifically to solve specific issues. The reading of all contributions is long, not only here, on the Internet too. I did and took my conclusions. I do not write English correctly, but I read it well. I will also downloadable PDF files in spanish, for to compare texts. Some items of my personal notes are: Discussion about Nokia and other cables. Using RS232 to TTL CMOS Converter. Welding easy. Connecting to Hyperterminal and errors. Hardware components needed. I take few days to write the topic, but your data is there. Greetings.
  3. Good advice and important premise. In my case the hard drive died without warning, after a reboot and normal routine. I had a 80% back up to 20% without saving. Are many and varied configurations to keep data safe now. It is not the same company that have data in a particular data disk. But the value is the same. My advice: Of course back up our data regularly. If the responsible company is not competent, do not purchase their products. If this company is a mistake, should be debugged. And, do not conform to only know computers, occasionally need to catch a screwdriver and a soldering iron. Greetings.
  4. An engine, if you know it, is predictable. Human or machine, not imnporta.
  5. POST: xyz The GND wire is connected?. The hard disk makes strange noises? The operation of the disk is normal? Put your hand over it a bit.
  6. Me gusta todo lo que tiene que ver con la ciencia. Suena en plan pijo, pero no es así. Soy algo golfo. Chavales, gracias por ponerme algo al día en temas electrónicos. Estaré en software, me gusta más. Saludos
  7. If you do not you understand me. I speak better English, but I write poorly. Items are accurate. Everything is here. See you
  8. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...28906&st=20 Post #38
  9. A few months ago I bought two Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 hard drives. Twins. A few days after booting the PC, one of the HDD stopped working. Was not recognized by BIOS, and of course, nor for Windows. That HDD is recovered through this site. The other worked well. Update the firmware of the two, and all correct. For added security, I used "SeaTools software" - Seagate diagnostic software, in both HDD. Conclusion: The hard drive recovered (Was not recognized by BIOS): Without errors. The other: Diagnosis = Multiple bad sectors. With "software HDD Regenerator", issue resolved. But ... Now the two HDD in the trash. Are not of my faith. Right, data safe.
  10. Example: AREA CODE: NO need PHONE NUMBER: No need Connect Using: your new port COM
  11. Look at the Post # 1367. How to make all the connections easily. Photos.
  12. SAFIX, How do you provide power to the adapter?
  13. This adapter uses four lines: +5 V (or +3.3 V), GND, RX and TX.
  14. Remove the power of HD. Completely remove the PBC's HD. Careful not to disconnect TX, RX and GND. Putting power to the HD. Ctrl + z on Hyperterminal.