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  1. Ok Guys I have Seagate brick at home as well. My problem is that I can't make the terminal talk with the HDD. This is what I did: 1. Used USB-to-TTL adapter (Installed correctly on Windows XP, COM4 port, works with +5V) 2. Connected red wire of USB-to-TTL (+5V) to external red wire of PSU 3. Connected black wire (GND) of USB-to-TTL (+5V) to GND pin of HDD 4. Connected RX of USB-to-TTL to TX pin of HDD 5. Connected TX of USB-to-TTL to RX pin of HDD 6. Used direct SATA power connector to power the HDD fom the same PSU 7. Isolated the motor of HDD with plastic card 8. Then I run the Hyper Terminal on Windows XP PC and put settings 38400, 8 bit, None, 1 bit, None 9. When I pres CTRL + Z or CTRL + z I get nothing on the terminal 10. I run a new Hyper terminal with settings 9600, 8, N, 1, N 11. When I pres CTRL + Z or CTRL + z I get garbage characters 12 I made a loopback test of the USB-to-TTL adapter 13. Test works on 9600 baud rate but doesn't work on 38400 baud rate 14. I tried to swap RX and TX and then I get nothing on 38400 and 9600 15. Tried two different types of PSU for the power and the result is the same 16. When I connect to the terminal I power on the PSU and wait 20sec and then pres CTRL + Z combination 17. All my wires are working and isolated Can you tell me what am I doing wrong? Do you think that my USB-to-TTL adapter could be the problem? Or the driver of the USB-to-TTL adapter is the problem? I should try with CA-42 cable as well Thanks!