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  1. I guess that your only remaining thing to try is to "crack" open the stick enclosure and inspect both visually and with a ohmmeter the continuity of tracks and chips's pins. I tried to pry the cover off using a small flathead screwdriver, with no success. Is it possible to get the cover off without ruining it, or do I need to break it off?
  2. Full image uncompressed is about 7.5 GB. Rar is 4.7 GB. It's going to take me quite some time to u/l. Will let you know as it gets done so that you can d/l it as they get posted.
  3. Really? Could this connected to this part of the referenced post Compress the two files in a .zip archive and post it as an attachment Didn't realize that your request for a zip file was to get around attachment system restrictions. "Relative" addresses, such as "look at top of the page" may change depending on which particular view you are seeing this thread with, and from a number of other reasons. Point taken. attached. Hope to be able to u/l full image. Will let you know. But first, I need an answer from you. Winrar won't let me break up the full image into smaller files in zip format. Do you have a problem with rar format? Thanks again, jaclaz! doniel
  4. Sorry. I've been checking several times a day for your reply, but never realized that we'd gone to a page 3. I'll post a proper reply as soon as I can. Thank you!
  5. Attached - but note: 1) The attachment system didn't like .bin any more than it liked .log, so added .txt to both files. 2) My system contains 2 physical hard drives, a floppy, and a DVD, and, at the moment, a USB drive is attached. I assumed that the floppy and DVD drives are not included in the chain of physical drives, and that the USB drive is physical drive 2. bs.bin.txt MBR.bin.txt
  6. Hi, jaclaz! Our USB drive suddenly exhibited the same symptoms as ngpc's: When attempting to access it, Windows claims that it isn't formatted. I assume you want to start with a copy of Testdisk's log report. It's attached. MSFN's attachment system wouldn't allow me to upload it when it was named testdisk.log, so I added .txt to the file name. Thank you for your help! testdisk.log.txt