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  1. put systeminfo.exe in the keep box
  2. nice work nuhi
  3. yes
  4. read this earlier.. load of rubbish... im still on a 127MB install from feb 06
  5. booo no new beta with more removals
  6. its illegal
  7. turn off auto login
  8. off topic: thats a great software beats MS virtual PC, vmware and its FREE!!
  9. <CDROOT>\$OEM$\$$\system32
  10. try setting it manually... if it then works you know its a DHCP problem...
  11. have you set the default gateway and DNS servers???
  12. nice work nuhi nice new website too
  13. So you removed everything??
  14. This is only tested in vmware but everything appeared to work correctly
  15. 85MB iso here great work nuhi