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  1. My opinion is 2 and 3 should be suckin air out one is suckin air in plus the power suplly fans have one suckiking in and the top one pulling the air out into the case!.you may need a hard drive cooler that mounts in a 5.25 bay for a extra in fan so you have a cross draft at the top of the case.
  2. The first thing i would do is get another graphics card from your older system and see if the problem is still there. two things here can cause this the card itself is bad or the the main board, Most likely the northbridge that controls the the video card slot . usually on the newer boards they put a fan or heatsink on these to stop over heating issues. hopefully it did not frie the Bridge.
  3. For those that fight for it, Life has a flavor the protected will never know

  4. when i go to update firmware the drive is detected as a 4-0-0-0 D:ATAPI DVD A DH20A4P NP53 The utilitiy only for a DVD A DH20A4P error it seems vista sp2 adds the extra information to the drive causing the failure. Any ideas?