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  1. Well i am graduate in Hotel Management , years back and i am looking for a nice job.

    I wanted to join this forum , since their are a lot of things one can learn from here. No need to say more.


  2. I want to make Winpe from WAIK for Win7 that i downloaded years back, i know their are Stickies , but i m a noobe and really i am sorry for asking baby steps help from you people. Would someone be kind enough to direct me to which Stickies should i follow to make a WinPE, i hope thier is a batch file for this. Also their are dozens of things i want to ask , not about adding plugins, it was a hair puller and i couldn't figure out how to and that doesn't matter here. I am content with what i have and the third party software suffices me. But lets one thing at a time.
  3. The methods Outlined in ELDERGEEK TUT worked smoothly,,,,Corporate Edition asking for a VLK key I got the Corporate Edition from a Friend, willing to share a copy of his VLK. Dont know if VLK is pirated or not / dont h' much idea about that. I h' to say Corporate Edition is the best Xp i h' used so far/really like the Activation thing being removed. Was looking for a WinOS that doesn't h one. Good cause i can perform BareMetal Restore on other < PC>.
  4. Hello Folks, u see i h' Win xp Corporate Editon , n i want to slipstream SP3 . Their was this Tutorial in CHECK HERE FOR TUT Elder Geek, which was quite uselful. But no TUT for Corporate/Home/Studen Edition . My guess is i can download SP3 from FOR SP3, n slipstream by the process mentioned in Eldergeek TUT. Its not that i refrain from using nLite/Autostreamer, its a matter of preference. I found the Latter was easy.... Can someone suggest me its ok to follow the Elder Geek Method, can someone Pro here give me the Green Light.... Currently DLoading SP3....