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  1. Hi, I have the LBA0 problem. My hard drive is recognidez by BIOS but only as a 0GB drive. I have purchased a DKU-5 cable, identified the pins and thied to tak with the HDD. My problem is that I keep getting weird ASCII random characters. Sometimes I am able to write in the window, but nothing happens. Sometimes I can't write anything. Pressing Ctrl+Z will write an arrow character --> in the window when I am able to write. And somentimes the storm of characters I recieve stops and I try to write, bun I see nothing happening. I already tried to use all the possible combination of pins and cables. Same happens, storm of ASCII characters in the window. My HDD is a STM3500320AS, Maxtor 500GB Firmware: MX15 Is my DKU-5 deffective? Should I get a CA-42 to try? Is the HDD dead? Thanks