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  1. Hi, I managed to un-brick my Seagate 7200.11 drive!!! A huge thanks goes out to "troter" from Montreal. I called him and he gave me some advice and a couple tweaks in the procedure. He is offering to fix anyone's Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 drive for $30. He lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You can contact me at or 514-488-9970. Another big thanks to Gradius et al for this post. I used a CA-42 that I got on ebay for $6 with serial number IL40083821. The loopback test did not work. But, using a previous post and a multimeter, I figured out which wire was the gnd, tx, and rx. I had to switch Tx & Rx wires. I isolated the data contacts, not the motor contacts with the cardboard. To do this, I had to completely remove the PCB from the drive. And, I cleaned the contacts with a regular eraser. For the actual procedure: a) I waited 60 seconds between "/2" and "Z". B) I did NOT disconnect the power after the SMART command or at any time. c) Type "F,,22" before the final partition command. Here's a screenshot: Hyperterminal_screenshot2.bmp I live in Ottawa, Ontario, and I'd be more than happy to give someone a hand. You can reach me at danjcampbell*** (Replace *** with @). Good luck, and don't give up!
  2. Hi, My imitation Nokia CA-42 cable arrived from Hong Kong yesterday. It is recognized using the Prolific driver. However, the loopback test does not work. I have tried every combination of the wires. I also used the info from Post #1343 on page 68. The wires on my cable are even the same colour and connected to the same pins! I used a multi-meter to test the connectivity of each pin and corresponding coloured wire. The cable shows up in Device Manager as "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM5)". I used the following Hyperterminal settings: "38400 8 None 1 None" and echo is off. The blue (tx) and white (rx) wires are connected. When I type the cursor just flashes. Thanks in advance for your help. Without you guys I would have lost all my data for sure. Now, I'm a few steps closer. Dan PS edited to fix spacing (cut & pasted from notepad...) PPS I also used the multi-meter to test the voltage across each wire and the GND (black wire). There is no voltage on any combination...
  3. Hi, I am sooo glad to have found this forum. I have a Seagate 7200.11 (ST3500620AS) that came with my computer that I received for my birthday (Jan. '09) with HP 24 Firmware. During the middle of June, I rebooted after noticing that the computer was frozen. It would not boot successfully. BIOS could not detect the HDD. Futureshop couldn't do anything (other than replace it - but I lose the data). The motor powers up and spins, so I think it's stuck in the BSY state. I have ordered a CA-42 cable and am reading the forum while waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime, is there anyone in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area who'd be willing to give me a hand? I am going to Toronto for this weekend (July 10-12), so if there's anywhere in TO willing to help please let me know, too. Thanks, Dan