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  1. Checkout this for easy fps monitoring, any game: or if you insist, the command in RTCW is: cg_draw FPS 1 (default = 0) Edit the Wolfconfig.cfg file if you want.
  2. This article explains the problem & the FIX. Check out:
  3. Using 512 MB RDRAM memory. In the XP dialog settings, the "no paging file" is selected. Do I still need to apply the DisablePagingExecutive reg tweak? Thanks
  4. The latest W2K drivers, 5.71.014, posted on the Matrox website work ok for WinXP. I'm running XP2600Corp + G400Max + 5.71 drivers & all is well. Some gamers report higher frame rates with the older 5.52.010 version. Here you go: The dedicated Matrox drivers for XP probably won't appear before XP is officially released (10/25/01). Also, check out: Isn't this new XP Forum COOL!
  5. Back when using W2K, I switched to DK from Norton. All through the various incarnations of XP, up to now XPcorp, DK is still my favorite. Very fast in general & you're not locked into useless unnecessary settings, like with Norton. The Paging file & MFT frag guard can be configured at will & used when you want. Depending on your system setup, you need control over this function, for optimum performance. By the way, I only use NTFS partitioned Disks.