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  1. With the news of the final RTM brewing, I assume it's just a matter of time before we have an update as to the progress of lite tool for Windows 7. If anyone has any information though I would appreciate it. Thanks, Blade
  2. Will these files work on any Windows 7 build or any particular release only ( if latter then which one exactly ) ? Also are these fine to be used/slimming Win 7 RTM Too ? I know this might not be answerable right now, but if the process is a bit same then these should be working on maybe RTM too, when its released ? Any ideas ? The should work on build 7100 and up. Well build 7264 is what it has been tested on. So the answer is yes they should work with rtm i will be posting some batch files myself shortly just need to run a few more tests also new preset will be coming with it so keep checking back just have been really busy lately Could you please explain to me how to use the last_session.ini file in conjunction with my .iso of Windows 7? I am very confused, as I am unable to locate any instructions on the forum to help me. I want to be able to slim down my Windows 7 in order to obtain as much performance as possible. Thank you very much, Blade