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  1. Hi to you all Thank you for sharing the info to solve this problem. I read the whole thread and printed out the important pages to help with the proccess. I purchased a CA-42 Data lead, but unfortunateley it was the type that required a 3.3v supply from the phone. After a lot of testing with the multimeter I managed to find the correct wires which were: Ground.... Black TX/RX.....White/Blue The 3.3v needed to be connected to the ..... Green With this combination I was able to use the method put forward by Gradius2, the proccess worked flawlessly and I'm now back up and running. Many thanks to Gradius2 for his method and to all others for their excellent input. I'm now going to upgrade the firmware which I have just downloaded form the Seagate Site as an ISO. To all those still working on the problem good luck and don't give up it does work. MediaStar