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  1. Hello! I need some help or a tutorial capture video from a webcam using DirectShow Thanks
  2. Hello! I need help on hoe to use directshow for video capture from an usb camera i have no idea of how to do it
  3. none of them are freeware but musicmatch basic allow all the tasks of plus version but a bit slower
  4. the best of the best is musicmatch
  5. tirolalira nadie contesta me voy a deprimir
  6. Hello I have used NetBeans 3.6, Eclipse and JBuilder6.0 -9.0 The best i tried it JBuilder 9 but it´s too expensive. NetBeans is quite good and it's free so i recommend NetBeans you can download it from Java.Sun.Com or from
  7. PowerQuest PartitionMagic 8
  8. hi.. i just remember Mozilla 1.7.2 panda antivirus Scan Online
  9. Enas Ad-aware OpenOffice Msn Messenger 6.2 k-lite codec pack winamp windows media player 9 Bs Player there are 3 or 4 other programs but i don't remember their names
  10. tray in or in it can be there
  11. Have you tried OpenOffice It works quite well (Like ms office) but it's free and have an aplication very similar to visio Download it from
  12. It helps but but i must use it because my boss want that i do it in c++ with directshow, if i were able to chose i surely uses opengl or directly Java. Gracias de todos modos
  13. there isn't anyone able to help me in this forum?
  14. mozilla 1.7.1 is the best browser