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  1. First, thanks to Fernando for creating this thread. I created a XP SP3 disc using nLite, the drivers as posted by Fernando in text mode (selected all of them) and the Intel inf drivers as PNP. I tried an install on a Asus Maximus Formula board (ICH9R) with an E8400 cpu, ATI 2600 video card, 4G Gskill DDR2, 2 SATA optical drives and used a PATA optical on the JM controller for the install. The SATA HD was set to RAID mode (a requirement for this setup) in the bios, but the disc is a non-raid member. Please note that all hardware is known to be in good working order as I have an active working setup installed using the F6 method on another hard drive that was detached for this install. The install goes through the entire setup routine without a hitch and even gets past the first XP flag/black background to the first blue background screen just before the logon prompt and then repeatedly crashes to a BSOD with a bad_pool_caller error (probably caused by win32k.sys win32k HeavyFreePool +bb). Please note that I tried this several times, burned the CD-R at 4x, verified it and even tried a new disc, but would get the exact same result. I am also not trying to incorporate any other SP/HF's either. Any ideas on what is causing the error and how to resolve the problem? Please note that I followed this up with a clean install using the F6/floppy method with absolutely no errors. Thanks for any assitance.