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  1. I have an OEM XP disc that came with a Dell system which detects my hd's properly during setup, however the server 2003 disc I am attempting to use does not. I cannot for the life of me find the right storage drivers to integrate with this disc. Since I know the drivers are on my xp disc, is it possible to just rip every single driver this XP disc has installed to guarantee it gets transplanted to my 2003 disc? Update: Well I finally figured out why I couldnt get any txtoem drivers to work, I had yet to actually download the right ones! My board is using an ICH6-R chipset, the drivers provided here went as low at ICH6-M, but no R. I thought for sure downloading everything from, and everything from here would eventually reveal the correct driver. What really sucks is that I had to download this driver from intel's site, which was formatted as a self-extracting installable exe, which HAD to have a working floppy drive to write the drivers to. So I then had to connect a floppy drive to let their little utility write the drivers to it, then I could copy the inf files out and let nlite slipstream them in. WHAT A PAIN.