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  1. You are wrong - it doesn't matter at which end of cable is PL2303, but you cannot cut cable between 2 connector if chip is in connector for cell phone. If chip is in USB connector you can cut cable and connect to hard disk. Windows will recognize cable like serial com port even WITHOUT cell phone connected. If not - than cable is fake. In previus post driver part is described very well - I can't tell you nothing more. If you need driver go to
  2. I think that this cable is fake or PL2303 is in connector for mobile phone. Windows must recognize USB device when you connect to USB port. Go to shop and ask people to connect cable to computer and show you that windows recognize cable as new device. If PL2303 is in connector for mobie phone you should solder wires to pins of this connector, not to cut cable like in second picture.
  3. Thank you Gradius. With cable for mobile phone and your instruction it takes 10 min to bring back hard disk.