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  1. Sure symlinks are different from hardlinks, and possibly they are counted differently by different tools. And of course a single sparse file can account for as large as you make it. Just in case: http://superuser.com/questions/823959/how-to-view-all-the-symbolic-links-junction-points-hard-links-in-a-folder-using You can use a forfiles or for similar loop with fsutil to find sparse files (if any). jaclaz
  2. Hardlinks/symlinks/Sparse files anyone? jaclaz
  3. Anyway it has to be seen how (technically) they are going to make it work. The same principle is used for Child Pornography images, and it has IMHO already a number of drawbacks/issues, JFYI: http://www.forensicfocus.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=14573/ but here we are talking of ALL the images in the world, it is a completely different dataset, both in size and scope. jaclaz
  4. As a side note, but relevant, a recent international study confirms the gut feeling that only 1/15 to 1/20 people actually know where their towel is (provided that the "level 3", which seems to me anyway basic enough, corresponds to knowing where your towel is ): https://www.nngroup.com/articles/computer-skill-levels/ More or less the direct consequence of this is that in the name of popularity (and/or market size) everything is going to be dumbed down simplified to be compliant with the level the vast majority of people are, thus keeping them in their persistent ignorance computer illiteracy. Now, I am the first one to sponsor simplicity and attempting to apply Occam's razor to *everything*, but one thing is making things as simple as possible (good) and another thing is making things as simple as the lazy users expect them to be (and in doing so limit the possibilities of more advanced uses of the tool by a few more knowledgeable and willing to learn people). jaclaz
  5. https://www.wireshark.org/ http://ss64.com/nt/netstat.html https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/tcpview.aspx jaclaz
  6. OT, but not much, this is ridiculous (pdf 134 Kb): https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/Strategic_Principles_for_Securing_the_Internet_of_Things-2016-1115-FINAL....pdf basically - according to NHS - if you install an el-cheapo camera and leave password admin/admin, you may cause the disruption of primary US networks, which seemingly have today the same robustness of Ukraine's ones one year ago, which were however compromised NOT by DDOS or similar attacks but from remote logins on (with payloads sent and/or credentials obtained through phishing) internet connected SCADA's A report on the Ukraine accident is here (pdf 1.4 Mb): http://www.nerc.com/pa/CI/ESISAC/Documents/E-ISAC_SANS_Ukraine_DUC_18Mar2016.pdf Hey guys, what about the good ol'way of having strategical infrastructure and particularly SCADA's NOT connected to the Internet? Too d@mn simple, I presume. jaclaz
  7. But it is not a case of "security by obscurity", it is a case of "security through having small(er) relevance (inside a large mass)", i.e. it is the swarm/school surviving approach, actually more the "selfish herd" one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selfish_herd_theory jaclaz
  8. OT, but not much, they repented and just provided Symlinks bypassing UAC elevation. Something BTW possible in XP (with a third party driver since the functionality is there in NTFS but the MS guys didn't provide one, probably in order to boast about Vista "new" functionalities ) that they are trying to "sell" as "news" and as the third best thing in the world (after bread and ice-cream): https://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2016/12/02/symlinks-windows-10/ Just for the record, the new approach makes anyway little sense, it involves the use of a "Developer Mode", so I am failing to see the advantage over simply elevating the cmd prompt or the program creating the Symlink. jaclaz
  9. Good, so, if it switches to full screen, it means that before it was a window, i.e. you have a GUI subsystem fine. Now, you have this issue for a single, specific "your" driver, while there is no one-size-fits-all tool to install a driver offline, GUI or command line, it is entirely possible to script an offline installer for a specific driver, particularly if it is "your" driver and you already developed for it the .inf (or whatever method of install you already use for normal, "online" install). Installing a driver is made essentially of two or three steps: 1) Copying the file(s) from source to destination 2) Set the appropriate Registry keys and entries 3) Optionally set an external preferences/configuration file #1 and #3 are so basic that they need not any particular advice, you can obtain #2 by either using "normal" Registry tools on a "mounted" set of Registry hives: https://4sysops.com/archives/regedit-as-offline-registry-editor/ or you can use an offline Registry editor: http://reboot.pro/topic/11212-offline-registry-library/ http://reboot.pro/topic/11312-offline-registry/ it has to be tested if the latter works on Windows 10 (or MS has an updated .dll, etc.) jaclaz
  10. To be more strict, few have been found being actually qualified. jaclaz
  11. Use temporarily a key re-mapper *like* : (keytweak, home page is down, Wayback Machine:https://web.archive.org/web/20120919005012/http://webpages.charter.net/krumsick https://sharpkeys.codeplex.com/ Or this one (again via Wayback Machine): https://web.archive.org/web/20130722061920/http://www.inchwest.com/mapkeyboard jaclaz
  12. Out of sheer curiosity, what happens in your WinPE if you press ALT+ENTER? In all the PE's I have ever seen, this will toggle the cmd.exe from full screen to window (just to show how there is a graphical subsystem alright in the PE). As a matter of fact most PE's - exception made for the basic MS WinPE made from WAIK, but including the PE that is used to install Windows (boot.wim) do use this (or that) GUI tool. jaclaz
  13. In other words, you want an offline driver installer. AFAIK there is no one-size-fits-all solution, each driver - particularly the ones senselessly packed into MSI's or other installer packages - won't be usable/installable offline but also a number of drivers needing the creation of a device will have issues, anyway some can (could - have not used them since some time and definitely not on Windows 10) be found here: https://www.raymond.cc/blog/3dp-net-auto-detects-and-installs-network-adapter-driver/ As often happens, a question comes out, WHAT (exactly) is the reason why you want to install the drivers offline (as opposed to normally install them online)? jaclaz
  14. Great minds think alike ... ... and following ... jaclaz
  15. I am very proud of a (otherwise lousy ) t-shirt I was given for my 50th birthday that reads: The answer is NO, we (cumulatively the "geeks") have already spent a large part of our lives looking for and testing new, strange things, there is no other reason why - unless it is a mere coincidence - we stopped being curious/enthusiastic exactly at the same time some (crappy) products came out, the ONLY possible explanation is that these products are crappy. Show me a different, better[1] way to do something and I will adopt it in no time, today like I did it yesterday (and also the day before). The advantage we have (when compared to the younger folks) is that we ALREADY did that something in more ways they can even imagine, thus we can easily compare the effectiveness and ergonomics of the more traditional tools/methods/approaches against the last, new, hip, one they just devised and rather easily separate the wheat from the chaff. jaclaz [1] better here means actually better.