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  1. Here: anyway you should look for NDIS and NDIS2 instead of "dos-LAN". jaclaz
  2. The point is that we don't know much about how the whole thing works. Updating the firmware is not "to be avoided at all costs", in the "normal" "common" BSY/LBA0 issue is simply NOT useful and unneeded, but being anyway a risky operation (always, but particularly when the disk drive is not working properly for *unknown* reason) it is only advised after having recovered data, when, in the worst case, it will re-brick the drive (possibly in such a way that it is not recoverable) but since the priority (recovering the data) went fine, it wouldn't matter. In case of a LBA0 issue it won't probably do anything, in case of BSY the disk is not recognized so the update cannot be performed. That "strange" condition of a SX15 firmware on a drive marked SD15 (and 12CC4 error) you have is seemingly not a common one, so we don't have any other report that I can remember. jaclaz
  3. Ooops sorry of course reading something would have reduced your precious gaming time, I had missed that, my bad . jaclaz
  4. No idea, but if you are looking to find out what makes the difference you should "diff" 12.18 against 12.17 first, as the 12.18 should only contain the *whatever* adds the ECC compatibility on https. jaclaz
  5. MS backpedaling (sort of): http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-agrees-to-extend-support-deadline-for-clover-trail-pcs/ jaclaz
  6. JFYI, the "errror 40" in Opera is up to 12.17, a "special" version 12.18 was released for it: http://blogs.opera.com/security/2016/02/opera-12-and-opera-mail-security-update/ it should be the ECC used in some HTTPS that throws it. jaclaz
  7. Well, allow me to doubt that it is "effective" (on the large scale), you see the problem is that you actually come here to find some jacks of all trades, if everyone would do like you there would be very little knowledge, let alone sharing of it. Or, if you prefer, you gain best time/performance/whatever a the cost of someone else's time/work. The idea of writing something down and making it easily available is on the contrary that of saving the time needed to point someone to it and telling him what is already written. If "that" attitude slows mankind, yours (if adopted by the masses) will downright stop it. As well nobody forces anyone to be polite or grateful, but usually this helps in motivating the jacks of all trades that actually try to help. jaclaz
  8. And of course you disregarded the trifling detail that maybe making me tell you things that you can easily read yourself is not worth my time. The fact that you are honest (besides lazy) is a good thing however. jaclaz
  9. Yes , it is very likely that it is a "H" mis-typed instead of the "normal" "U", as Step 13 is referring to "Spin Up complete". jaclaz
  10. And you really think that you *need* the stpboot.bin? The posts are still all there in that thread, including one by os2fan2: https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5880 https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=130532#p130532 Which explains how the "mythical" stpboot.bin is just some bytes that pre-pended to osloader.exe make NTLDR. If you prefer NTLDR contains some 16 bit header loader code and osloader.exe. If you have both a NTLDR and the corresponding osloader.exe, you can extract the initial part of NTLDR untlil the beginning of osloader.exe and call it sptboot.bin or whatever you like (I call mine Andrew ). jaclaz
  11. Maybe there is a misunderstanding. I know perfectly what nlite is and where to find it. I don't know where to find the "tweak set" for nlite you are referring to, presuming that you are not referring to the generic list of available tweaks in nlite, but rather to a "pre-set" where each option is set or unset. BTW - this is a long time pet peeve of mine - nlite has so many options and settings (some not fully documented or easily understandable) that is almost impossible to create two times a "same" build without using a saved configuration, every time someone posts "I did it with nlite" the question is not about the tool used (nlite) but rather about the "it". jaclaz
  12. And what prevents you from reading the help/documentation? Here (linked to from the given page): http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/erunt.txt Guess what the chapters titled: Restoring the registry with ERDNT - Emergency Scenario I and Restoring the registry with ERDNT - Emergency Scenario II are about? And BTW: jaclaz
  13. SCOOP! According to Ed Bott: 1) Terry Myerson actually know what he says 2) Microsoft stands by what he said http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-blocks-windows-10-creators-update-on-some-pcs/ Clover Trail? Any among: Atom Z2760 Atom Z2520 Atom Z2560 Atom Z2580 Sorry pal, you chose processors that are not anymore supported by Windows 10. jaclaz
  14. I am not sure to understand the questions. It is not like the Doctor prescribed you to run Autoruns, you are talking of ghost drivers (and I presume services) and possibly not fully uninstalled applications, all things that "reside" in the Registry, if you use Autoruns ONLY for those items you listed, then SURELY it will only change the Registry, but of course if when you use it you also delete files, etc. restoring a backup will not recreate the same situation as before . The Registry is built on-the-fly at boot time from the assembling of a number of "backing files", typically: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/307545/how-to-recover-from-a-corrupted-registry-that-prevents-windows-xp-from c:\windows\system32\config\system c:\windows\system32\config\software c:\windows\system32\config\sam c:\windows\system32\config\security c:\windows\system32\config\default + the users hive(s) in each profile "NTUSER.DAT". The suggested ERUNT is a handy tool that can backup (and restore via ERDNT) all the needed files. jaclaz
  15. I don't get it. What is the problem? Make a backup of the Registry BEFORE changing anything (through Autoruns or otherwise) and in case of need restore it... http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/ jaclaz