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  1. HI all can anyone post a guide to create a dvd with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu e Zenwalk? I tried following tutorials but i wasn't able to boot...
  2. Hi all i want to create a multiboot dvd with UBUNTU, KUBUNTU, XUBUNTU and some other distro and so i read all the tutorials and tried to do it by myself. I decided to start with only ubuntu and see if i can do it, and later add all the other distro. I create these directories LINUX | |-------boot | |-----isolinux | |-----ubuntu (inside initrd.gz e vmlinuz) | |--------ubuntu (with all the distro contents) Here myisolinux.cfg DEFAULT menu.c32 TIMEOUT 0 PROMPT 0 menu title Welcome to GNU/Linux! label local menu label Boot from ^hard drive kernel chain.c32 append hd0 label ubuntu-live-install menu label ^Install Ubuntu kernel /boot/ubuntu/vmlinuz append file=/cdrom/ubuntu/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity initrd=/boot/ubuntu/initrd.gz quiet splash -- I also modified casper inside scripts di initrd (and copiet into boot/ubuntu e ubuntu/casper) changing $Path/casper, and $Directory/casper to $Path/ubuntu/casper and so on. can't find $mountpoint and change /.disk/casper to /ubuntu/.disk/casper When i select ubuntu i got the logo of ubuntu and seems to load but then it says: /init: /scripts/casper: line 1: #/bin/sh: not found ... itried to change it to #1/ubuntu/bin/sh Anyone can help me? I really need to create this DVD. Thank you