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  1. problem solved ! the usb installation propably never works, but the desktop-installation-and-put-the-ssd-into-the-netbook-again technic worked at the end! thx for help!
  2. Yet nothing helped. I tried something else now: i put the SSD into my desktop and installed via the USB stick. everything is fine, installation complete. when i put the SSD back into the netbook, the computer doesnt start, saying "operating system not found" i guess its the same problem. i try to install all the dell drivers now via desktop and start again. maybe someone has any other idea? i tried to "fix" the boot.ini like they guys told in the thread fernando gave me, but that did not work...
  3. right now i am trying another USB-stick solution: i downloaded an american SP2, updated it to SP3 via nlite and integrated all 32bit intel drivers. after the 30 min routine of copying, he asks me this: the more i read, the less i understand... i am awake for 40 hours now ~_~. what shall i choose? //*edit* i choosed "no" yet.// after the next installation I can tell you how the boot.ini looks like. btw: the first 20 hours i tried WinSetupFromUSB, the last 20h i try USB_multiboot_10.cmd Henning //at least i can see the how i met your mother seasons again...
  4. i really really do not know, i hope i can do snapshots of my bios soon O_O The current bios version is A05, while i can downlaod A03 on So i guess I'm up to date? all i can tell you from the bios is: fixed HDD: SAMSUNG SSD UM410 Series-(S1 <- after that the boarder comes HDD Size 16014MB SATA1 the first starting screen is so fast, that i can not read anything from it... thanks for your help.
  5. i bought a dell inspiron mini 10v with a 16gig SSD and i can not install xp home OEM, because the error message "windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem." comes up. i tryed to integrate any driver packege except the JMicron driver because i just can not find them. can anyone help me with more tipps ? i do not even know with hardware i have, becuase dell doesn't clearly tell my anywhere... I am not very good in computers... Henning Germany //edit maybe per messenger?