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  1. I ran into this same issue. What caused it for me is when the drive was spinning down on my first attempt I lost the terminal connection. Every attempt after that caused the drive to generate the LED:000000CE FAddr:0027CF31 error after entering Z. Not sure what the error means. Maybe that the drive is already stopped? However, I noticed that just by typing in the Z and not pressing enter would spin the drive down. At that point I just backed spaced the Z out and moved on to the next step. I was able to proceed with out any troubles. I did have to run through the complete process; after my first attempt it was still busy. The error isn't a show stopper, just a pain in the neck. I was able to get access to all of the data on the drive. This guide saved me big time and I am very grateful. This drive was for a client and they didn't have any backups of the data Remember, ALWAYS make a backup!