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  1. I spend whole day and can't find this netrap.dll.I use Ivt BlueSoleil app almost 4 years but today it didn't not work.Everytime I try the open app just get "a reqired DLL file NETRAP.DLL was not found" error.I found file but it's 5.00.2134.1 version and not work under win98se.I can't find older version.Please somebody tell me is there anyway to get this file.
  2. I did and work well with opera but I need to do something activex player and ie.Any suggestions?
  3. Ok I got it's work.Reason I run this update evry time try the acces my inbox from msn 7.0 I get certificate error and I think rootsupdate maybe this fix it but not.Is there any solution from this?
  4. I doubl click file and nothing happen.I also try exract and run but this time I get missing store name error.
  5. i download many root update packs but none of them work.I try links form this topic and old one.What I suppose do? If I use that txt file to update registry that work?
  6. I just wanted the transparet desktop icon labels and works good but some reason after install gdi update and Revolutions pack 9 my msn picture changes after every time restart my computer.I don't understand what happened or which one gdi or rp9 makes this.Anyone know why this happen?