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  1. I noticed in the thread about people system spec's that some of you owned an Elsa GForce 2 video card with 64 megs of RAM. I'm not up to speed on my video card manufactorers as I'm currently running a 3dfx card in my machine. What does the "Elsa" stand for and is it different from other GForce cards? thanks db
  2. I'm considering upgrading my video card in anticipation of XP. My nephew has suggested going with an ATI Radeon w/64 megs. Do any of you have any insight in a 64 meg video card to buy that would get the most bang for my buck and maximize my XP Experience? I'm going to stay around the $250 max range. My nephew suggested I steer away from Gforce as they're priced higher than others that have comporable specs. thanks, db