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  1. Hey there good people can someone please tell me how to do a loopback test again? Please I can`t find the procedure. I`m dealing with a ca42 cable. Thanks to everzone for help. Azaktro you have made a nice description.. congrats
  2. Can anyone tell me will Putty work on Vista 64?? Please... if not what should I use then?? Thx to everyone...
  3. can someone tell me will this one work it? I tought it is convinient cause it has the cables... And this RS232 cable... Wich Terminal application is best to use on Vista 64?? please help.
  4. My HD died 4 days ago. I see that on all internet only you people here got some real suggestions on how to get it done. I'm from Croatia and if anyone else is, and has managed to fix his seagate please PM me. I would also like to buy the stuff that I need.. it is very hard for me to find all I need. Congratulations to everyone that succedeed.