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  1. Hi, let me start off by saying that I have a recently purchased laptop, an HP HDX16 (with vista 64 installed), so I don't know where the hdds and whatnot are connected. Additionally, my BIOS menu is so basic I have no options for RAID/AHCI or anything, which doesn't help matters I followed your guide 3 times over, each time using the same original windows copy for nlite. However, each time I used a different set of drivers for the ICH9R, and each time I got the following error upon installation: File iaStor.sys is corrupt. Now the copy of XP I was using for nlite was already a copy of an original installation disc, and I have no idea if it's 32/64 bit or home/professional. This is the only hiccup I could think of, is that I'm using the wrong drivers, or if I'm trying to install a 32 bit OS on a machine that doesn't support it. Any help would be appreciated.