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  1. Well I ran the partition editor on the Live CD and then I installed XP. The first time I ran the partition editor was a week or two ago to expand my designated XP partition. It added 1 or 2 small chunks of unpartitioned space. I think the 1MB chunk, which could have been the source of the problem, was there from the beginning.
  2. I meant unpartitioned in the post before. I used the Ubuntu partition editor and closed up all the unpartitioned space. There was a 7 and 1MB chunk. I had to allocate the 1MB to the Vista partition before allocating the 7MBs to the XP partition. The trouble might have been with the 1MB as it appeared to be at the beginning of the partition. Now XP is working fine. Thanks for the help.
  3. That's weird because I tried to make more space for XP by using the partition editor on Ubuntu CD. Now I have about 3 chunks of unpartitioned space(possibly due to the rounding of cylinders?) of around 1, 7 and 2MBs. I might try this. The procedure would be format, Install Linux, reformat and then try the XP install?
  4. Looks like it does work in IDE after all edit: OK, I tried the AHCI mode again. After it restarted after the setup it said "Press any key to boot from the CD/DVD" so I waited and then I got "error loading Operating System". That's the same message I also get for Vista when I switch from AHCI to IDE.
  5. I think it's the same issue where the computer just stops at a blank screen after the reboot when the system files are installed. Though I'm not sure, I'll try it again later to see.
  6. Thanks for the help. Looks like I'm out of luck. edit: Actually I have another question: why doesn't XP install using IDE mode?
  7. I see 2 possible reasons:a ) more than 3 GB of RAM (solution: remove 1 stick while installing Windows XP) b ) SATA connected DVD drive doesn't like AHCI mode (solution: borrow an IDE connected one just for the XP installation). Would the 3GB issue be also present with 64-bit XP? As for B, there are no IDE connectors on the motherboard. It seems weird to me that Vista installs fine under AHCI, but XP doesn't. Would you know why I can't switch from AHCI to IDE without breaking Vista?
  8. Under IDE ATA/ATAPI I have: Intel ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller Storage Controllers: Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Some more details: I'm trying to install the 64 bit version of XP with a slipstreamed SP2. The motherboard is Intel DX58SO.
  9. I'm trying to dual boot with Vista and XP. For some reason this process doesn't work for me in both AHCI and IDE modes. It detects the drive, formats the partition, then does the setup but after the reboot it pretty much stalls. That's when I have to fix the MBR and boot and try over. I might have tried RAID mode too. The only time IDE worked was when I was doing a fresh Install of VIsta. Could this be a problem with the BIOS or because I can't change the mode for my DVD drive?