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  1. thanks you very much jaclaz. it was ground problem. My hard drive is working now and as i type this , i am copying the data to another drive. I want to thanks everyone on this forum especially the moderators as without your help i would not have been able to fix the drive. thanks every one again. shahrose
  2. hi guys. i need help with my HD. I have BSY error. I made all the connections. I didnot see com 2 port when running the hyperterminal. I tried com4 port which seems to be working . The problem is that once i establish connection via hyperterminal. the hyperterminal window goes crazy. It will start showing me different symbols, letters, greek letters and so on. it will keep running and ctrl z wont do anything. I am not sure why i am not getting the same screen as all other participants in this forum can see. Any help will be appreciated. shahrose