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  1. It seems that there is a lot of, as yet unfounded, suspicion. I`d like to think that this is`nt the norm. Truth is often stranger than fiction. I did the same thing & am sure I know what I tried 2 put, but must have miss-typed it the same way twice.! I tried 2 check out, `Ophcrack` that graysky suggested, page wouldn`t load.! I intend 2 try the, `Winternals ERD`, sometime if I can get it. Thanks, iamtheky for http://www.piotrbania.com/all/kon-boot I have dl`d & burnt, `konboot`, will try it & report back. Up till now I`ve repeatedly tried different key combinations of the same, (or adjacent), characters until I was blue in the face. On several different occasions. I had 2 give up in the end & reinstall a second, (the same XP again), OS. So now I boot to a choice of OS`s, (XP or XP).! I can get into one & not the other. I now have windows & windows.0 folders. I can see my folder though I can`t access it in any way. I`ve had 2 reinstall several of the same programs, (some of them more than once.!), on a separate partition. I don`t know if it`s the reason that one day all my .exe files dissapeared, leaving only dodgy shortcuts, Shorts.doc. I tried to do a HawkPE-42-7z disk, dl`d & burnt it, changed boot sequence, booted with Hawk, didn`t work. Tried with a download of, Windows_Password_Reset_6.0, it was a demo, no functionality. Tried 1 or 2 other recovery programs that I could get my hands on, no joy. I know someone who says that he`s got the tools to do it, though I`ll throw a few more things at it myself over the next few days & hope I can get some help here. What say the people..?
  2. Wa Alaikum salam Aqui. Assalamu Alaikum to all Muslimin & peace & love 2 everybody else . Philanthropy rules, let`s all try to keep this ball rolling. Later.
  3. A dibbler & a dabbler, dabbling out of my depth, trying 2 learn a thing or 2 along the way. Good site, good people, it`s all good.!