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  1. YES! I got my HD back!! special thanks to gsustek and Yura, I wasn't able to fix my drive with the instructions found here so I got to (PART 2) and I was finally able to work it out!
  2. similar problem with Firefox, I had to delete msfn cookies
  3. when you say "hang" do you mean that nothing appears ? or do you receive an error ? I've been waiting for 40 mins after the m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 command and I wonder if I can turn the disk off and retry from start.
  4. After 2 weeks I am finally trying to recover my 750Gb HD It took a while because there's no way to make the USB AVIT cable to work on Vista64bit, so I had to find a partition to install XP, but XP have problems with SATA... etc etc. So know I plugged in and did everything following aviko instructions, I've launched the commands /2 Z U /1 N1 / and then m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 and I am waiting... it's been at least 15 minutes so far, I hope it is not deleting all my data.... should I go to sleep and wait till tomorrow ? I cannot turn it off and retry, right ? --- UPDATE: 7 hours and still nothing, I will definetely retry
  5. thanks jaclaz, ok I'll prove it! I ordered the cable from Avit Research, it should be here tomorrow, fingers crossed In the meantime I'll install a couple of WD6401AALS with RAID1, no more single hard drives for my data, and no more Seagate
  6. Hi is there in London someone who could help to unlock a dead Seagate ST3500320AS 500Gb SD15 ? I've read a lot of messages and the next step would be start searching for cables (or paying a company ) but I was wondering if someone having all the stuff would like to help me. I've already downloaded and tried the firmware upgrade but it does not work (0 devices found). ------- Otherwise, could someone give me a link to buy a USB cable (the nokia adaptor) and anything else is needed ? Just in case it may be needed: it's a 64bits system with WinVista 64bits (the died drive is my Linux desktop). Thank you / Grazie! Devis P.S. eventuali consigli in italiano sono graditissimi!