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  1. this worked, thanks!!
  2. i can't find out what mcp is for the nvidia 650i sli motherboards, i see it as the 430 mcp, but what does that mean? I'm trying to figure out if it has a mcp## format and if so, what it is.? =O issue- So basically xp32 pro is trying to be installed from scratch, SS-ed the nvidia drivers ( pictured below** , onto a sp2 disc, because previously without any SS the drive was not detected. Now the drive seemingly detected, the installation proceeded; afterward on reboot after the gui setup there is a BSOD error screen which flashes by too quickly to catch an error code (restarts). The configuration is just a single Sata drive, so no raid. Afterwards, it was found out from the dell website (computer is an xps 630i) some other driver listed under 'mediashield' that seem related. Do you think this could be the problem? that the other driver (first one shown below) should be integrated instead? any assistance is appreciated, thanks **(not all of the drivers pictured were slipstreamed, just the last one, the picture is to demonstrate the differences between the drivers)