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  1. i believe the remote wonder 1 and remote wonder plus are supportable from xp through to win7 on 32 & 64bit, by following the advice from this thread.
  2. "Are you trying to install a Remote Wonder II on Windows 7? " yeah "While the RW I and RW II share common driver packages and software," yea this is why i thought it may work "internally, the RW II is a completely different animal." yes, i was aware of this possibility, and thus the possible likelihood that it would be very difficult to get it to work. "The hardware is made by Philips." Zilog does the main controller chips for remote/receiver, though, yea, the USB interface in the receiver dongle is by Philips "If you still want to go with a Remote Wonder I, they can be had new-in-the-box on eBay for $20-25 bucks." It's kind of sad that this many-years-old device is still a popular choice for a win7 rf remote; then again, it's also kind of a testament to the quality of these remotes.
  3. Couldn't get this to work either. "After rebooting, plug Remote Wonder into USB port. The Driver Wizard will search, find, and correctly install drivers.". At this point it doesn't find and correctly install drivers. It reports that it found a usb composite device and recognized it successfully, but then finds two more unknown devices for which the driver installation was not successful. Even after installing the x10 drivers and restarting these 2 devices remain as unknown devices in device manager. Are you using Remote Wonder II? (this is what I'm using) I checked the rwII dongle and remote on xp, and they aren't broken or anything. EDIT: i followed up with mugsy's method, [since, as you indicated, asteigrod, your method is encapsulated within his,] unfortunately to no avail! =(. Basically after it restarted the final time, it, (the rw 3.04 software), gave a few errors then gave an error saying it failed trying to install driver software. Going into device manager there are still the two unknown devices generated after plugging in the dongle, and, after unplugging/replugging the dongle yet again, it is still unable to locate the drivers to install. If anyone has any hints please let me know. If someone could let me know of the exact driver that was installed, through device manager or some similar manner, maybe I could force it to install a particular driver. I can manually select drivers from the x10 x64 set, but there are so many I don't know which is the right one. Other than that, I think it may have something to do with it being Remote Wonder II.
  4. I tried this method after trying Bilar's x10 + 2.5 method a few replies later, but I still am unable to get the rw to work. I got an error, from I think the rw software, after restart, that it was unable to install device drivers or something like that. Then when I tried Badabing's method, above, after rebooting, the new hardware found driver install wizard (the default one in win7), reported that the device driver software did not install successfully. I might try to uninstall and then reinstall the three things, vista rw plus x64 drivers, x10 drivers, and the 2.5 in a different order. Under device manager the rw usb dongle shows up as a couple of unknown devices. I'm using Remote Wonder II on Windows 7 x64 I will first though I guess try asteigrod's 1.4 method above after i break for a bit. Badabing your rapidshare link earlier in this thread VistaWin7.rar is not working..
  5. this worked, thanks!!
  6. i can't find out what mcp is for the nvidia 650i sli motherboards, i see it as the 430 mcp, but what does that mean? I'm trying to figure out if it has a mcp## format and if so, what it is.? =O issue- So basically xp32 pro is trying to be installed from scratch, SS-ed the nvidia drivers ( pictured below** , onto a sp2 disc, because previously without any SS the drive was not detected. Now the drive seemingly detected, the installation proceeded; afterward on reboot after the gui setup there is a BSOD error screen which flashes by too quickly to catch an error code (restarts). The configuration is just a single Sata drive, so no raid. Afterwards, it was found out from the dell website (computer is an xps 630i) some other driver listed under 'mediashield' that seem related. Do you think this could be the problem? that the other driver (first one shown below) should be integrated instead? any assistance is appreciated, thanks **(not all of the drivers pictured were slipstreamed, just the last one, the picture is to demonstrate the differences between the drivers)