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  1. Hi, I just registered on here to say thank you to Gradius2, fatlip and everyone else who has contributed to solving this problem, and to post an account of my own successful experience. I had a dying ST3500320AS with slightly different symptoms - it would be seen in the bios, correctly sized, work for a few read/write cycles then lock up. I had managed to flash the SD1A firmware over the SD15 already on there but this did not fix the problem. I built a MAX232 based interface, got the terminal working OK and then, without the need to remove the PCB (as it was still seen in the bios) followed the instructions for the BSY problem. After finishing these and power cycling the drive, it was no longer intermittent and I was able to clone it and recover ALL of my data. SO - in summary - if your 7200.11 is still seen by the bios but fails after a while - the BSY solution *may* also work for you!! Thanks again everyone and good luck for those of you about to try the fix! jazz2999uk