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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some help with Small Business Server 2003. I had a friends server go down and ISA was the problem there was no fixing it I do not have a clue what happened but I spent a week trying to repair it. I think the problem Stemmed from him using SharePoint and Exchange and he didn't decommission theses services correctly. I did a clean install of the server and setup his WINS, DHCP, AD and a few other services he was still using. I tried to import his backups but the problem came back and I also tried repair installs. I hope this background info might help. My question is pretty complicated for me as I have never really used NTBackup or tape drives but I have been reading up on it. But he had paid a company to come in and set up his system and I seen his NTBackup script was backing up to a secondary drive and then writing that to a drive and he is using 5 tapes (1 for each day of the week). I know it was also schedule being configured by NTBackup. I have been reading and seen how to get the tape information for the script itself but I can seem to get it to write to different tapes but the original and I have to create to jobs 1 to back to the secondary internal and 1 for the tape. I see this causing problems down the road. Is there a way to get this working the way it was before I had to wipe it? I also noticed the original install had a Server Manager Console on it and its not showing up anywhere on the system and he has all 4 disc for the install I have looked for this part but I cant seem to find the installers accept for Sharepoint and Exchange ( he moved them to a windows 2008 r2 server). Thanks in advance for any help or tips.
  2. wow this is very nice ... wish you could add an advanced option to use syslinux I have better luck booting machines from it but keep up the awesome work
  3. Hello everyone, I have gotten some very good information here and I was hoping I could call on all the members here again for another question problem I am having. I have 2 network cards and I want to use one for internet and the other for sharing (SMB, media extenders). I have gotten SMB working pretty well and fixed a lot the connection problems I was having by making an ACL not allowing the sharing interface to access the wan port. SMB I just setup by IP to use the sharing interface. My real problem now is getting the media extenders use the share interface.... I have done this with Linux in the past but Windows is a real plain to implement and to find short clean answers on what I am trying to do. Thanks in advance, Triggs out
  4. Hello Everyone, This is my First post here at MSFN, but I have been a lurker here for years. I was wondering if anyone has seen threads and such that contain common problematic Programs or Drivers that will cause Windows 7|Server to fail. I have seen many post on this I think this would be an awesome sticky and it would be a very good topic to get going so everyone can get a working image knowing what they can and can't use. I spent about 2 weeks trying to create an image and mine is done but I have been trying to update it and I have not gotten one to finish. The only change I have made from my last image is I have updated Adobe (9.2 to 9.3), updated Windows and I have disabled some services. I have included the changes in the registry with my post and I have exported the default service settings before I started making changes. Also what services must be on for sysprep to work correctly? Problems I have had so far: Sound Max Drivers Symantec End Point Protection (works fine if deactivated) Thank you eveyone for reading and in advance for all the help =) !Default_W7_Enterprise_32.reg !Tweaked_W7_Enterprise_v003.reg